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Evan Chlids Behind the Scenes Photoshoot at JUNK BRANDS HQ

We were stoked to have JUNK Brands sponsored athlete Evan Childs at JUNK HQ to model JUNK headbands, apparel and caps. Check out this Evan Childs BTS at JUNK HQ video for a look behind the scenes of the photo shoots. Evan Childs is a super inspiring athlete and personal trainer who helps women to [...]


Kalvin (Hot Sauce) Henderson – Boxing Chose Me

Kalvin Henderson - Boxing Chose Me Kalvin Henderson is undefeated 5-0. He has had an extraordinary journey to get to where he is today and it came from hard work and dedication to the love for boxing. It takes a very special and talented individual to get to where Kalvin is today. Kalvin will be [...]


RusSwole What is your Inspiration – JUNK BRANDS

Russel Orhii is a power lifter and bodybuilder based out of Houston Texas. Russel is an amazing and incredibly inspirational individual and shares his journey through youtube and instagram. Check out Russel's interview and get inspired yourself! 


Evan Childs (How to Get Motivated) – JUNK BRANDS

Evan Childs is the Alpha Female. Evan Childs has been inspiring women be their best self for quite some time and has created the very popular Alpha Female program that women can apply for. Evan hand selects applicants to be apart of the program and specifically designs a program for each individual. Evan is trully [...]


How was Junk Brands Started – JUNK BRANDS

Junk Brands is the stuff of life — those little things that make all the difference in how you live, work and play. Our signature product, the headband, was born out of a simple need and created to function with style. Our products work with you as your story unfolds. You've got too much going [...]


Art and Design – JUNK BRANDS

Art and Design - JUNK BRANDS Here at junk brands we truly cherish our designers. Our team has made some of the most amazing and dynamic designs for headbands we have ever seen and they do it every day! Check out this little behind the scenes look at the process.


2017 Sheepdog Impact Assistance Charity Ball Film

2017 Sheepdog Impact Assistance Charity Ball Film Founded in 2010, Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) is a national non-profit organization that exists to engage, assist and empower the men & women who make up our nation’s military, law enforcement, fire & rescue, and EMS professions – society’s protectors, our “Sheep Dogs.” We provide continued service [...]



Triumph - Junk Brands This 4th of July remember the things that we are actually celebrating... our freedom. Our freedom comes at a price and there are individuals fighting every day for that freedom. Every day an individual makes the choice to sacrifice everything that they have for the rights and freedoms of Americans everywhere. [...]


Gold Mountain 30 Second TV AD (The Waitress)

Gold Mountain 30 Second AD (The Waitress) is apart of an ad campaign for Gold Mountain communications. This set features the use of the gold mountain man and a very stressful and cumbersome situation for our waitress. I think most of use have been in these shoes before. Production: Producer Director: Cherokee Turner DP: Damen [...]


B.I.V – SHE (Official Music Video)

B.I.V - SHE (Official Music Video) B.I.V. is a melodic/industrial/trance metal band that formed in Springfield MO in 2014. Influences ranging from EDM, blues, progressive metal and metal core. Putting B.I.v in a genre all of thir own. Creating layers of progressive sounds throughout the album. B.I.V is: Baden Page Daniel Oldham Chayilah Oldham Christopher [...]


Magical Memes and Where to Find Them

Magical Memes and Where to Find Them In celebration of J.K. Rowling's film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them we bring you this magical meme story. Two lost Hogwarts students are lost in the woods and running from Dementors. Subscribe to mikeNgary for more: The students can only rely on their knowledge of [...]


Go for the Throat! Wasteland Cannibals (Pilot)

Wasteland Cannibals, a world torn apart by chaos, plagued by genetic mutation, and terrorized by cannibals! If the Wasteland doesn't kill you, THE CANNIBALS WILL!!! Yet, there is a shift on the horizon, a new dawn is coming, and one by one, these cannibals of the wasteland will be brought down, at the hands of [...]