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Realistic Space Nebula In After Effects

Here is the final result of creating the after effects realistic space nebula tutorial. I added the depth of field to the camera that gave this a little bit of [...]


Art and Design – JUNK BRANDS

Art and Design - JUNK BRANDS Here at junk brands we truly cherish our designers. Our team has made some of the most amazing and dynamic designs for headbands we [...]


B.I.V – SHE (Official Music Video)

B.I.V - SHE (Official Music Video) B.I.V. is a melodic/industrial/trance metal band that formed in Springfield MO in 2014. Influences ranging from EDM, blues, progressive metal and metal core. Putting [...]


Go for the Throat! Wasteland Cannibals (Pilot)

Wasteland Cannibals, a world torn apart by chaos, plagued by genetic mutation, and terrorized by cannibals! If the Wasteland doesn't kill you, THE CANNIBALS WILL!!! Yet, there is a shift [...]


Gold Mountain Super Bowl 2017 Ad

Gold Mountain Super Bowl 2017 AD At Gold Mountain Communications we have facilitated small start-up to fortune 100 companies and helped them take advantage of our proven in-house technologies and [...]



This is a film I made with the collaborative help from Luke Braswell. We have been working together a lot so we decided to collaborate together.


How to Deadlift with Proper Form

Josh teaches how to maintain a neutral spine throughout this functional movement that you do every day, whether at the CrossFit box or picking up your kids.


How to do Clean and Jerks with Proper Form

In this JUNK Brands Instructional CrossFit video Josh Kirts from CrossFit NWA in Bentonville, Arkansas demonstrates how to perform a Hang Power Clean and Jerk. Refer to How to Perform [...]