How to Create a Snapchat Ad in After Effects with Free Snapchat Overlay Template2017-08-26T19:28:24+00:00

Project Description

A Snapchat Ad is one of the most highly used social media ad applications in the world now. With snapchat no allowing ads and adding more and more companies to the list of allowed users to display ads this is a great chance to check out how they use the overlays. In this video I discuss how to use this template and what some of the best practices for snapchat advertising. This overlay package includes black text and graphics as well as a white version. This template is merely used to create placements into the ad so you know where you can safely place text logos etc without snapchats overlays getting in the way.  Once you are finished creating your ad make sure to make the overlay invisible before rendering. Feel free to download the overlays and after effects templates and make sure to share. 

Right click and save as to download the free snapchat Ad Overlay Template for Premiere and After Effects.