Nintendo Vs. Zombies: 28-Bits Later (Wii U Challenge Video)2017-07-10T02:35:57+00:00

Project Description

This video is part of the Nintendo Video Challenge where we were given a free Wii U Deluxe Edition, New Mario Bros.U, and ZombiU. We had ten days to make a film inspired by our gift package. Big thanks Nintendo for giving us such a fun present. If you enjoyed this film please like, share, and subscribe!
What happens when many of your favorite characters from Nintendo such as Mario, Luigi, Link, Samus, Princess Peach, Ness, and Ash must battle ZombiU zombies? We’ve pondered this question too and put it to dubstep music. We hope you enjoy! Subscribe to mikeNgary for more:

mikeNgary CAST
Player #1 – Jason Ball
Samus Aran/Princess Peach – Kelly Johnson
Mario – Cherokee Turner
Luigi – Marcus Ross
Link – Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ness – Johnny Mello
Ash Ketchum – Mike Underlin
Zombies – (in order of appearance) Johnny Mello, Bobby Mead, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jeff Morton, Caleb Kraft, Clint Lowrance, Katie Piatt, Will Chiles, Scott Sauer, Justin Evangelista, Debra Madden, Rachel Brown, Ingrid Bohnenkamp, Michelle Steele, Zack Porting, Tom Radomiski, Shawn McKee

Original soundtrack by Erik McGreevy
“We Wish You a Merry Christmas” song by Kevin MacLeod

mikeNgary CREW
Written by – Marcus Ross & Mike Underlin
Creative Consultants – Ryan Fitzpatrick, Johnny Mello, Jason Ball
Director of Photography – Rob Lehr
Co-director/Editor – Mike Underlin
Props/Costumes – Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kelly Johnson & Andrew Mitzel ( (
CGI Effects/Lighting/Co-director – Cherokee Turner (…)
Pyrotechnics – Caleb Kraft (
Make-up Artists – Sierra Hill & Krystal Cutbirth (

Special thanks to Fair City News for all the advertising and support for our film.
Special thanks to Squidfoo for providing filming locations and set up areas.(

Project Details

Skills Needed: