Nintendo Bachelorette: Mario vs Link vs Donkey Kong2017-07-10T02:35:57+00:00

Project Description

Do you like Nintendo mascots (Mario, Link, Donkey Kong) battling….over a young woman’s heart? In this mash up between ABC’s “hit” “reality” television “show” “The Bachelorette” and Nintendo’s number one seizure inducing game “Super Smash Bros” we find Link, Mario, and Donkey Kong all fight for the affection of a girl so desperate for love and/or fame she will let America witness the number one most awkward thing ever: dating. So sit back and enjoy as your favorite Nintendo stars face off in the ultimate battlefield: love.


Produced/Directed By:Cherokee Turner
Written By: Johnny Mello
Props By: Platinumfungi
Special FX By: Tutorialgrid
Megan: Catherine Witherspoon
Mario: Samuel Langley
Link/DK: Mat Boes

Filmed on a Canon 60D

This was filmed at the Elfindale Mansion In Springfield MO.

Project Details

Skills Needed: