Project Description

Damen Washington Professional Moving Picture Maker Interview (What I Didn’t Learn In College)

What I Didn’t Learn in College is all about what skills people wish they would have learned in college or at least were aware of when going into the field. Obviously college does not teach us everything and this documentary series is all about showcasing the experiences and what we really had to do to get jobs or how to do certain things in the field.

Damen Washington has been in the film/media business for a little over 7 years now. He is a graduate from full sail university and has been apart of a couple maijor motion pictures such as The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp. He is now a professional videographer at a local production company so i decided to pick his brain a bit. Watch and listen about all the great information he shares about getting into production aas well as the amazing stories he has to tell on the very special version of What I Didn’t Learn In College.