Evan Chlids Behind the Scenes Photoshoot at JUNK BRANDS HQ2017-07-14T18:09:39+00:00

Project Description

We were stoked to have JUNK Brands sponsored athlete Evan Childs at JUNK HQ to model JUNK headbands, apparel and caps. Check out this Evan Childs BTS at JUNK HQ video for a look behind the scenes of the photo shoots. Evan Childs is a super inspiring athlete and personal trainer who helps women to be physically strong and build self confidence. She teaches functional fitness, strength and cardio in her grueling 12-week Alpha Female program. Her passion is helping women reach realistic goals, and she believes there’s a bangin’ body in everyone. What drives Evan? Love. Love through fitness and a heart for helping others reach their goals. Her energy totally comes through in the Evan Childs BTS at JUNK HQ video. Evan Childs is a spark plug who ignites the fuel that exists in everyone she trains. In this Evan Childs BTS at JUNK HQ video you’ll see the many sides of Evan Childs: serious, sexy,silly, fun and outrageous. Thanks to Evan for kickin’ it with team JUNK!