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Project Description

Dreamfast – Marcus Allen (Official Music Video)

Amyh K. Hart
Jarrod Van Brunt
Jason “Bama” Jennings
Steven Rankin
Jen Cannon

Dreamfast Chicks
Haley Shelton
Chelcey Lowery
“Little” Amy Penix
Sara Hart

Dreamfast Haters
Carrie Roberts
Francesca Nichole
Mercedes Morgan
Kakiowa Beaver

Door Guy: Jordan Hoaglan
Passed out partier 1: Brian “Bhud” Hudson
Passed our partier 2: Jesse Masters
Jarrod’s Mistake In the Bush: Jon Best

Hair and Makeup
Francesca Nichole
Russell Carpenter
Alex Mitchell

Special Thanks to
Rogue on Dickson
John Faubus
Brad Korbelik
Jerry Perez
Elizabeth Lemon

Unbeknownst to most, Dreamfast has been around for several years. Only recently did Amyh Hart (founder) decide to mark the world with a pop punk n roll revival by bringing Dreamfast back. With a new EP out this fall (My Wounds My Weapons), Dreamfast is mustering to plan an attack on the midwest by way of the live show. Amyh has recently assembled all new members: Jen Cannon bass; Bama Dirt guitar;Jarrod Van Brunt guitar; and Rankin on drums. The excitement of the live show is elevated by the addition of a 3rd guitarist; this has allowed the frontwoman to put her own guitar down for a few of the set’s songs and put all focus on entertaining a hungry crowd.

Stay tuned to the Dreamfast facebook and twitter (@0CoastDreamfast) pages for contests, exclusive videos, as well as show dates which will be added frequently as soon as the record is released.

Slam Bang Records

Dreamfast – www.facebook.com/dreamfast
Avid Productions 479 – www.facebook.com/avidproductions479

Directed and Produced By: Cherokee Turner
Set Design, Lighting, Assistant Directed By: Kaela Chaffin, Robert Page