How to Key out Cell Phone Green Screen and Spill Suppression Tutorial2017-07-24T12:21:58+00:00

Project Description

How to Key Cell Phone Green Screen and spill suppression Plus Screen Replacement in After Effects


In this tutorial we take a cell phone green screen shot and turn it into a tinder app. This effect is widely used in film production and is very practical to know how to use it. First we take out footage and use key lite to key out the green. using the sliders we adjust our gain setting to get our green all the way out and making it look as natural as possible. We move further down the key light plugin and adjust our shrink/grow setting making our hand edges look natural. After this we take our Hue and saturation effects and select just our green colors in the scene and change the hue to more of a pink. This allows our spill the be removed since we are adding in the contrasting color. After this we add in out cell phone footage track the cell phone screen rotate the footage and add Corner pin to the footage and align it to the corners of the cell phone. Some times you might need to key frame the corner pins to get the screen just right. after this we set a match grain to our original layer for our screen and the color our footage for the final product.

Effects Used:
match grain
corner Pin

Footage Download