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Project Description

This is a short film I made with the collaborative help from Luke Braswell ( We have been working together a lot on some bigger projects that were taking up a lot of our time so we decided to collaborate together and make a nice little short story about a bike. Our model Holly Nicole was gracious enough to drive a couple hours to meet us for this great shoot! We had a lot of fun shooting this and you can check out the behind the scenes in the link below! We show everything on a Red One Mysterium X but a full list of equipment will be listed below. In all i think this piece came out great for the time that we had to create it. ENJOY!

Equipment Used:
Red One Mysterium X
Rokinon CINE DS 16mm
Rokinon CINE DS 24mm
Rokinon CINE DS 85mm
Zoom h4n
RODE Shotgun Mic
3x Arri 650’s
2x Lowell Totas
Umbrellas and softboxes

Software Used:
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.3
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Redcine X

Products Used:

Check Out The Behind The Scenes!

Check out Holly Nicole!

Check Out Luke Braswell!