Ok so it has been a long time coming that I have finally got to do another music video! I love doing music videos and for some reason they are here and far between lately [...]

BIKER (LOVE THE RIDE) Behind the Scenes

Check out the Behind the Scenes Pictures! This is a short film I [...]

Junk Brands Crossfit Training Videos

Training Videos! One of the companies I work with has just released 4 videos I did for them about weight training. Now most people know me for the way I like to do [...]

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Playing Pokemon GO With my Dog!

So Pokemon Go is huge lets face it.... Everyone is doing it. I can't go 50 feet without seeing someone on their phone playing it. Hell businesses are even using lures to lure [...]

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The Big Change

So its been some time since there has been any changes to the avid website, tutorialgrid, and really the facebook... I have been tearing myself apart for the past year trying to figure [...]

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