California Campfire National Guard AD 2018

I had the great pleasure of being the one to put this story about the California Camp Fire together. Overall it took 2 days to edit the piece in Adobe Premiere CC. We had sent our cinematographer Tom to California to gather footage of the devastation. After 3 days he came back to our office with great looking ground coverage but unfortunately he could not gain access to a black hawk for Aerial footage.  Our client wanted to tell the story of the National Guards efforts in California and quickly.

After looking through all the footage and seeing we didn’t have any interviews I was a little discouraged. I had to pull something together that was more emotional than a montage. Troops were still fighting the fire in California so I had our producer start calling around to see if anyone had A). aerial footage and B). interviews with Army National Guard Soldiers. After about an hour we had been given gold. We had been given the story of a National guard soldier that even though his community had been burnt to the ground he could not sit back, and he had to help. The footage was taken on an Iphone so I had to do some audio magic to bring it up to par. I was  also able to download a great score from APM Music. Overall this was a great piece to work on with a fast turn around!

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