BIKER (LOVE THE RIDE) Behind the Scenes

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This is a short film I made with the collaborative help from Luke Braswell ( We have been working together a lot on some bigger projects that were taking up a lot of our time so we decided to collaborate together and make a nice little short story about a bike. Our model Holly Nicole was gracious enough to drive a couple hours to meet us for this great shoot! We had a lot of fun shooting this and you can check out the behind the scenes in the link below! We show everything on a Red One Mysterium X but a full list of equipment will be listed below. In all i think this piece came out great for the time that we had to create it.

Check out Holly Nicole’s Page!

Holly Nicole Model

Software Used:
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.3
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Redcine X

Products Used:

Equipment Used:
Red One Mysterium X
Rokinon CINE DS 16mm
Rokinon CINE DS 24mm
Rokinon CINE DS 85mm
Zoom h4n
RODE Shotgun Mic
3x Arri 650’s
2x Lowell Totas
Umbrellas and softboxes

If you haven’t seen it you can check out the entire session behind the scenes on the tutorialgrid youtube page or click the video to the right.

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