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Training Videos!

One of the companies I work with has just released 4 videos I did for them about weight training. Now most people know me for the way I like to do tutorials so it was neat to see the way I do tutorials in more of a physical aspect. We shot all 4 of these videos in under an hour with a 1 hour set up.

What Equipment Was Used?

  • Canon 1DX Mark 2
  • Nikon D810
  • Tota 1k
  • DJI Ronin
  • Rode NTG3
  • Rode Iphone Lav
  • 1C Stand

How We Did It

This was actually a fairly simple shoot when it came to it but even with every simple shoot comes some complications. So one of the complications we had with this shoot was the fact we were shooting in an active gym. SO there was a class going on right beside us. Even though we had got conformation the day before that there would not be a class there still ended up being a class. So that was probably the biggest complication of this shoot. You can here slightly in the background of every video that there is a class going on.

Now how did we get the class to be so low in the back you might ask? We ended up setting up 2 different microphones a Rode NTG3 and a Rode Iphone LAV. We had the Rode Shotgun set up on a C stand since there was only 2 of use and both of us were on cameras. The Shotgun picked up really well but you could still hear the class going on in the back really well… SO! I ended up using the rode IPhone Lav that picked up mostly just Josh’s voice then edited the back out a little bit more in post.

We shot the main shot in 4k on the canon 1DX Mark 2 at 23.976 that way I could zoom in on some of the shots where Josh is talking to the camera while showing how to do the move. Where the Nikon D810 was only used to get our side shot and moving shots when performing the move. We had 1 tota light for a rim light to the back left of josh and actually used the natural light from outside with an open garage door since it was an overcast day that provided a perfect key light for the shoot.

Overall this was a great shoot and look forward to shooting another set!

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