Playing Pokemon GO With my Dog!

So Pokemon Go is huge lets face it…. Everyone is doing it. I can’t go 50 feet without seeing someone on their phone playing it. Hell businesses are even using lures to lure you into buying something from them! So i decided to see what would happen if My dog Bentley would try and fetch one of these crazy pokeballs to see what all the fuss was about!… Little did i know what would happen next!.

Alright maybe there was a little bit of trickery to that shot and some movie magic but! that brings me to my next point! New tutorialgrid tutorial! I know its been a while but with this new website launch a lot of projects and being a new dad life gets in the way. So look forward to that in the next week or so! But until then make sure to watch this video and share it! Breakdown of the video and tutorial to come real soon!

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